Version (released 2021-04-15)

Bug fixes:
  • Tracking entries are no longer fetched with blank consignment number when opening a consignment that has not sent to LogTrade yet.
  • Delete mapped container types when deleting package type group
  • Based on Freight type in LogTrade parameters it is only possible to fill in the corresponding field.
  • Load meters where emptied if no package lines existed on the consignment
  • Package material and dimensions was not created correct after added as package material
  • Freight cost line was not picked, and dimensions was not correct
  • TypeOfPackages as text is not longer sent to LogTrade, not needed since the code is used.

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Version (released 2021-05-21)


  • Added support for Business Rules.

Bug fixes:

  • Update of sales order with freight price did not work

Version (released 2021-04-28)

Bug fixes:

  • Volume where emptied if no package lines existed on the consignment

Version (Released 2021-03-19)

  • A direct link to the Payer Customer Numbers is now available in the menu from Customer Card/List.
  • Address Templates can now be used and defaulted from Address Setup
Bug fixes:
  • Delivery address name was not used if specific delivery address on the order.
  • Delivery Contact details now works in intercompany setup.

Version (Released 2021-02-11)

• Upgraded solution to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations version 10.0.15
• Support for WMS Shipment as source for consignments. Selecting a shipment results in that the first sales order (or other document) is selected as main source document. Goodsitems are created automatically based on containers.
• CustomsInvoice is based on picked order lines for a WMS shipment if that is the base.
• Vocabulary changed. LogTrade shipments are now named Consignments instead of shipments
• Support for AddGoodsItem as command. AddGoodsItem is used to add more goodsitems to an existing consignment. Setting is done per Mode of Delivery.
• Map relations between Package Type Group and Container Types. Used to automatically create goodsitems based on shipments. Possible to use conversion factor between different units on container vs goods item.
• Classification setting for EUR pallet type for each Package Type Group to automatically calculate number of EUR pallets.
• Possible to add default instructions directly on the sales order
• Corrected link when using sales or purchase return orders as reference type.
• Delivery contact information is added to the customer address card. These new delivery contact field override any setting in Address Contact Setup and can also be changed manually on the sales order.
• For each Mode of Delivery, it is possible to decide I automatic created lines from Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Shipment should use Volume, Load meters or none of it.

Version (Old version number 7) (released 2020-02-24)


  • Upgraded solution to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations version 10
  • Freight costs can now be updated on the source document as Freight Charge instead of item line on the order.
  • About information now shows LogTrade Connect version

Bug fixes:

  • Menu for Pick and Pack corrected in page Sales Order
  • Page List of Shipments is corrected to use the whole available space
  • Corrected buttons NEW/DELETE on Address Setup
  • Correction for several lines of instruction texts
  • Erase package numbers when clicking unlock for editing
  • Additional services parameters of type DateTime can ow be selected from a dropdown.
  • Field Delivery Date is formatted correct when sent to LogTrade
  • Create Shipment from Sales Order uses page space better
  • Commodity Code is fetched from the order line
  • Corrected caption on field Paying Customer Number when running English language
  • If unlocking shipment and then changing packages the packing tracking numbers could sometimes be empty based on how the lines where changed