Order Automation

In LogTrade Connect for Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can use functionality to create consignments automatically from different triggers. It is also possible to use functionality to automatically set Number of Packages, Gross Weight and what items that are shipped. By combining different setup parameters, you can reach different automation levels. Some examples are:
  • Posting an Inventory Pick; a consignment is created, labels are printed, transport instructions are sent as an EDI message to the carrier and a notification e-mail to the customer are sent with a shipment note attached to it.
  • Releasing a sales order; a consignment is created with the status prepared and can be finished by the warehouse employees through a PDA or by voice commands through Amazon Alexa.

More news about Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Change Log Dynamics NAV

This document describes all updates that has been done to LogTrade Connect for Dynamics NAV. The Dynamics NAV objects (fob files, extension packages etc) can be downloaded from LogTrade Connect OneDrive. To get download rights just send an e-mail to connect@logtrade.se and we add right to your work e-mail address.

Automatic additional services (advice, insurance, heat etc)

Services in LogTrade is additional services connected to a carrier product (Shipping Agent Service Code) to add value normally for the sender or recipient. Services can also be LogTrade services like e-mail advice, return labels sent through e-mails etc. Depending on the service an extra charge can apply or the opposite. One example is that on end-consumer products SMS-advice is normally free of charge but letter advice costs extra.

Activate Customs Invoice

This document describes how to setup LogTrade Connect for Dynamics NAV to work with customs invoices. This workflow can be manual or automatic based on the quality of your item base data. It is possible to create customs invoices automatically and send them electronic to the carrier based on the items that you ship. You can work with different invoice layouts if the invoice needs to be printed.

It is important to do the settings correct to achieve a simple process handled on the warehouse when shipping to eliminate errors and get an efficient process.

Split Shipments for Customs

This document describes basic setup and the process of creating split-shipment consignments for example when shipping to Norway (or other non-EU countries) or just anytime you need a split shipment process (sometimes called bulk sending).

One main reason to use split-shipment process is when you want to consolidate customs invoices for several orders/consignments to one invoice. This is normal to keep the customs cost as low as possible. But there are other reasons than customs for creating split-shipment. In that case just skip the steps regarding the invoice below.

Install and upgrade instructions

This document is targeted towards the developer doing the install of objects/extension and/or doing an upgrade of the same. It also handles where to download the latest objects for each version.