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LogTrade Connect for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a very competent add-on solution. It was certified by Microsoft already on Dynamics NAV 5.0 and has only grown better since then with more functionality added constantly. Years of development and added functionality has left our competitors behind regarding work flows and ease of use.

Our LogTrade Connect for Microsoft Dynamics NAV covers all workflows needed for a warehouse and a lot of processes that you did not expect to be found in Dynamics and a TA connector.

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LogTrade Connect Role Center is a good start view for warehouse employees and gives a good overview of tasks.

The picture shows a consignment card will all options. You can add services, do price quoting, adding notifications etc.

It is possible to track a specific consignment/shipment directly from Dynamics NAV. LogTrade collects tracking statuses from the carriers.

All consignments are saved in Dynamics NAV so it is easy to see the consignments that have been created. It is also possible to open a consignment and change it and print it again.

LogTrade Connect integrates Dynamics NAV and LogTrade via web services. This means that the systems collaborate in real- time with responses of valid zip codes, additional services and correct tracking numbers.

LogTrade Connect is built as a Dynamics NAV add-on and no changes needs to be done in Dynamics NAV standard objects. LogTrade Connect is easy and safe to implement even in customized Dynamics NAV solutions. The add-on is certified by Microsoft according to CfMD.

The implementation starts with a wizard and most setup parameters are fetched on-line. Only a few tasks have to be done before going live. This makes the initial implementation really fast and safe.

LogTrade Connect supports all document types and address sources in Dynamics NAV. There are many possibilities to use default values and advanced rules to ensure a very effective workflow with as few manual operations as possible.

LogTrade Connect Advanced Management is an addition that makes the solution even stronger. This gives you access to functionalities like WMS support, customs invoices, advanced package handling, notifications, predefined weights and volumes. The advanced management solution also helps you with transport invoice controls, transport cost analysis and transport lead time analysis. The entire work flow is done in Dynamics NAV.

Manuals / Product sheets

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    This document describes all updates that has been done to LogTrade Connect for Dynamics NAV. The Dynamics N ...

  • Automatic additional services (advice, insurance, heat etc)

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News / Updates

  • Version 27.30

    Bug fixes/changes:

    • Dangerous goods lines were not created for a split consign ...

  • Version 27.29

  • Version 27.28 (released 2021-08-26)

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    Versions: Dynamics NAV 5.0, Dynamics NAV 2009, Dynamics NAV 2013, Dynamics NAV 2015, Dynamics NAV 2016, Dynamics NAV 2017, Dynamics NAV 2018, Dynamics Business Central OnPrem
    Supported languages: Danish, English, Swedish

    Download: All objects are available for download from LogTrade Connect OneDrive. Request access by sending an e-mail to from your professional/work e- mail address. The e-mail must include which company you work for and your phone number.


    API – Build your own connector

    You can’t compare a custom integration and a connector. A connector already has hundreds, if not thousands of hours of development and are often completely integrated into the application. A connector is also certified by LogTrade and by being certified they have all recommended functionality. If there is a connector to your application we recommend you to use it. But of course the benefit of a custom integration is that you can build it exactly as you want it in your application. To find more information about our API please go to

    About LogTrade

    LogTrade is the most modern cloud transport administration (TA) system on the market. You can easily select, order, track, view and analyze shipments – electronically and in real time.

    What sets LogTrade apart from competitors is that our solution is built into the ERP system, which means that you do not have to administer two products. It also saves your company time and money. LogTrade supports several thousand carriers. And it is easy for your company to add your own partners.