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Version 12 (released 2014-03-09)

Weight and Volume sent to LogTrade are also based on new fields “Total Weight” and “Total Volume” on Consignment Line. This means that re sending an old consignment after upgrading to version 12 means that no weight or volume is sent to LogTrade. Therefore, the fields “Total Weight” and “Total Volume” should be assigned the values from the old fields. This can be done by using this report: New functionality:
  • Package Type Shortcuts can now be defined and mapped to actual Packet Types. This means that you can define i.e. a shortcut called PALL that you map to different packet types for different Forwarder Products. This makes it easier to choose Package Type since the same Shortcut Code can apply to different Package Type Names.
  • Default Package Type Shortcut on Forwarder Product.
  • Advanced Management:Packet Type Shortcut Setup with Weight, Pallet Places, Volume on Packet Type Shortcuts. Volume can be defined as Including or excluding the actual goods. New fields on consignment line: “Packaging Weight”, “Total Weight”, “Packaging Volume” and “Total volume”. With these functions the weight/volumes for pallets etc. can be maintained automatically on Consignment Lines. Packet Type Shortcuts can also be linked to Cost Codes to enable automatic order lines for charging costs for pallets etc.
  • If you specify the Service Shortcut for Dangerous Goods in the setup you will now get the service for dangerous goods automatically created for the consignment. If the Consignment is linked to a source document a Service Setup record will also be created so that the Consignment will not be possible to send if the Dangerous Goods service should be removed for some reason. It also works the other way around so that if the user inserts the Dangerous Goods Service (or it has been created based on Service Setup) the consignment will not be possible to send without entering one or more Dangerous Goods Lines linked to any of the Consignment Lines.
  • It is now possible to define country specific text lines that will be inserted automatically as text lines when a Customs Invoice is Created.
Bug fixes/changes:
  • Several changes (along with some bug fixes) has been made in the functionality for Import of Vendor Invoices to support new invoice fields from LogTrade and new logic to support invoices from Posten Sweden. Since Posten Sweden sends invoices with Package Numbers on the lines instead of Consignment Numbers both functionality for replacing Package No. with Consignment No. and Aggregation of lines on Consignment No. level has been implemented.
  • Relations on the fields Forwarder and ForwarderProduct was missing on the tables “Consignment Header” and “Finished Consignment Header”.
  • Layout changes in the LTC Role Center
  • Shipping Agent Invoice reports has got grouping fixed in the RDLC versions and some layout changes.
  • Gross Weight has been removed from Customs Invoice Line. The Gross Weight of a Customs Invoice are now based on the Total Weight of the Consignment Lines. You will have to remove any data in the “Gross Weight” field in the tables 12060670 and 12060672 when upgrading to this version.
  • When copying Source Document Lines to a consignment manually the user must now confirm the copy and will be notified when the lines are copied.
  • The document caption was not visible when printing a Customs Invoice to pdf.
  • When sending Consignments Tracking No. was always cleared if “Cons. Tracking No. Assignment” on the Product was set to “LogTrade Controlled”. This has been changed so that the first Tracking No. that is assigned by LogTrade will be reused if the Consignment is sent more than one time to LogTrade.
  • If all “Pick-up” fields were empty an empty address node for pickup could under certain circumstances be created in the XML with only the Domestic Country Code which caused an error when validating the Consignment.

More news about Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Version 27.30

Bug fixes/changes:

  • Dangerous goods lines were not created for a split consignment when the linked split consignments had dangerous goods.
  • It was not possible to create a customs invoice where the relation between sender and delivery was not customs liable but the relation between pickup and delivery were.

Version 27.29

Version 27.28 (released 2021-08-26)

Version 27.27 (released 2021-06-16)

Version 27.26 (released 2021-03-01)

• Unit Price on Customs Invoice Line are rounded with three decimals.