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Version 13 (released 2014-06-13)

New functionality
  • Support for fetching Shipment Template from LogTrade through web service (manually from the list of shipment templates and automatically when running the Setup Wizard)
Bug fixes/changes:
  • When changing the Shipping Agent Service Code, the Sender Name and address was reset even if there were no Slit Point settings for the Shipping Agent.
  • It was not possible to run the Setup Wizard a second time in the same database in versions 2009 and 2013/2013RTC.
  • There was a permission error when trying to import/export setup for Shipping Agent Invoice Method if the license did not include Advanced Management.
  • The check for duplicate consignments did not include released consignments.
  • It was not possible to correct a Consignment with status = Error and send it directly as Released. It had to be validated (status = Prepared) first. This has been corrected so it can be released immediately without a separate validation.
  • A prepared Consignment (Swedish = Validerad) that was sent as Released from the Consignment card/page was only sent as a status change and not re-validated. This has been changed so the Consignment is always validated so any changes made are not lost.
  • The function calls to AssignItemChargeSales.SuggestAssignment2 and AssignItemChargePurch.SuggestAssgnt2 in codeunit 12057544 has been updated to support version NAVW17.00.00.35670 of codeunit 5805 and 5807 which was updated in a hotfix rollup from Microsoft. If you have an older version of codeunit 5805 and 5807 you have to remove the parameter UnitPrice in these function calls to compile codeunit 12057544. This only applies to NAV2013 (not R2). Since codeunit 12057544 no longer has an 2013R2-specific version you must remember to choose “Replace All” when importing the objects in R2.
  • Shipping Agent Mapping Lines are no longer deleted after the Wizard has run. This way it’s possible to go into the wizard and export mapping lines afterwards.
  • It was not possible to set XML-viewer in the Advanced Setup by using the Assist Edit button in 2013/2013R2

More news about Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Version 27.30

Bug fixes/changes:

  • Dangerous goods lines were not created for a split consignment when the linked split consignments had dangerous goods.
  • It was not possible to create a customs invoice where the relation between sender and delivery was not customs liable but the relation between pickup and delivery were.

Version 27.29

Version 27.28 (released 2021-08-26)

Version 27.27 (released 2021-06-16)

Version 27.26 (released 2021-03-01)

• Unit Price on Customs Invoice Line are rounded with three decimals.