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Version 16 (released 2014-12-18)

Please note that the description field on Custom Invoice Line and (12060670) and Finished Customs Invoice Line (12060672) has been decreased to 35 characters. This means that you might need to truncate the data in this field in order to import the new version of the objects. New functionality:
  • It is now possible to setup on a user level if consignments shall be filtered based on the Warehouse Employee table.
  • User-ID has been added to the Sender Address Code setup so that default Sender Address Code can be implemented on user level.
  • Country/Region Code is now available when setting up default Service Property Values.
  • Sender codes are now fetched from LogTrade through a web service.
  • It is now possible to download and view Consignment Events from LogTrade and view them in a list form/page. An event can be: Validation, Release, Print, EDI transfer etc. Each event is tracked with date/time, user id and a description.
Bug fixes/changes:
  • It was not possible to update Fright on source document a second time if the consignment was created from a Warehouse Shipment. First time was OK but the second time an error was thrown about Status = Released on the Warehouse Shipment.
  • A Consignment that has been saved or validated in LogTrade has since before been archived in LogTrade if it was deleted in NAV. Now it is also archived in NAV.
  • Codeunit 12057547 in the 6.0 version was referencing XML4.0 instead of XML3.0.
  • Exported XML-files are finally indented properly (except for 2009RTC)!
  • A datetime column has been added to Forwarder and Forwarder product so it’s easy to see which forwarders/products that was affected when running the update job.
  • The Shipment Manifest was stored as “Documents & Labels” in the Consignment Links table. This affected the e-mail functions, so they contained the wrong hyperlink.
  • The function in the Consignment Worksheet that updates Consignments with status from LogTrade now also support changes in Product in LogTrade.
  • When creating a Split Shipment Consignment, the volume and weight did not include the package material from the “child” consignments.
  • It is now possible to create Customs Invoice after posting shipment on the source document. This makes it possible to post the source documents for Split Shipment “children” and afterwards create the Split Shipment “mother” and still get Items included on the Customs Invoice. This only apply for Source Document Type = “Sales Order” or “Sales Return Order”
  • When updating Consignments with status (in the worksheet) after validation in LogTrade, links for external login, pdf documents etc. are now fetched from LogTrade and stored the same way as when validating from within NAV. Any notification rules that may apply are also triggered when updating status meaning that a rule that triggers on validation will trigger also when validation is done in LogTrade.
  • Consignment Instructions has been split up in “Booking Instructions” and “Delivery Instructions”
  • Shipping Agent and Shipping Agent Service can now be specified in the Service Setup to enable different default services per Shipping Agent.
  • Messages in the Message Log that applies to one (and only one) Consignment are now marked with that consignment no, making it easy to track messages from a specific Consignment. The messages for a Consignment can also be opened from the Consignment making it easy to view the messages for a Consignment during testing.
  • The functionality for printing labels for individual Consignment lines has now been changed since LogTrade has introduced support for this by specifying which package numbers to print.
  • Calculated Weight from Source Document was set to zero when “No. of Packages” was validated.
  • Gross Weight for Customs Invoice Lines were not transferred to LogTrade.
  • The length of the Description field on Customs Invoice Line has been decreased to 35 characters since that is the limit in LogTrade.

More news about Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Version 27.30

Bug fixes/changes:

  • Dangerous goods lines were not created for a split consignment when the linked split consignments had dangerous goods.
  • It was not possible to create a customs invoice where the relation between sender and delivery was not customs liable but the relation between pickup and delivery were.

Version 27.29

Version 27.28 (released 2021-08-26)

Version 27.27 (released 2021-06-16)

Version 27.26 (released 2021-03-01)

• Unit Price on Customs Invoice Line are rounded with three decimals.