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Version 24 (released 2016-10-19)

New functionality:
  • A brand-new Setup Wizard which takes you through the basic setup step-by-step.
  • It is now possible to specify on a cost code if it shall be used in sales, purchase or both. The field “Unit Price (LCY)” has been changed to “Sales Unit Price (LCY)” and is now only used towards a customer.
  • All five different mobile phones numbers and e-mail address on a consignment are now possible to use for default service parameter values.
  • Dangerous Goods:
    • Can be linked to items and the user can open a suggestion of dangerous goods lines and have them inserted automatically on the consignment. Also support for fully automatic inserts of dangerous goods lines and creation of Dangerous Goods Service.
    • Can be marked as “Limited Quantity” which will decide which service (“Dangerous Goods” or “Limited Dangerous Goods”) that will be automatically added to the consignment.
    • Automatic fallback to Dangerous Goods Service if no Limited Dangerous Goods Service exists for the chosen Shipping Agent Service.
    • A new table which defines Sea Transport based on Country Code, Shipping Agent/-Service and From/To Post Code.
    • Automatic calculation of weight for the Limited Dangerous Goods Service.
    • It is no longer possible to add or delete a dangerous goods service manually since it’s maintained automatically.
  • Length, Width and Height can now be specified on Package Type Shortcut and will automatically set the corresponding values on the Consignment Package Lines that are created when a Consignment Line is inserted/modified.
  • The calculation of Shipment Date on consignment now includes a new field on the Forwarder Product: “Pickup Time”. If the current time is later than the specified Pickup Time and the Shipment Date is today the Shipment Date is brought forward based on the calendar set on the Shipping Agent Service, Location or Company Information (in that order). If no calendar is found the Shipment Date is set to the following day.
  • In NAV2016/2017 document specific Service Setup are now deleted automatically when the document is deleted without the need for running a batch report.
  • A new setting on Forwarder Product that decides how any errors in the price quote query shall be managed. Default value is “Ignore” which keeps the logic as it has been so far.
  • New functionality for copying setup between Forwarder Products and more logic when maintaining Shipping Agent Code/-Service on Forwarder/product to avoid duplicates etc.
  • It is now possible to setup on a product that package numbers from split child consignments shall be inserted as free text on the consignment (some Bring products require this)
Bug fixes/changes:
  • It was not possible to fetch items to a package if the consignment was linked to a Warehouse Shipment.
  • There was an error during import of Shipping Agent Invoices due to bad format of decimal sign.
  • All imported Shipping Agent Invoices got the same vendor invoice no.
  • The Customs Invoice now always shows prices excl. VAT regardless if prices are excl./incl. VAT on the source document.
  • There was a license error message when sending a Consignment if the license did not include Advanced Management.
  • Recipient was fetched from the source document for incoming shipments (sales return orders and purchase orders) when the setting was to fetch that from Sell-to/Buy-from or Bill-to/Pay-to. This has been changed so that the Company Information is used instead in these cases.
  • If a consignment was sent to LogTrade using a different Send Action, then the default on the consignment the Send action on the consignment was not restored after it had been sent to LogTrade.
  • The send button is now always shown but only on the actions tab. This button is needed when creating consignments for 3rd party users (drop shipment vendor) even if Print Method is “LogTrade Controlled”.
  • Delivery phone, mobile phone and e-mail are now fetched from the customer or customers ship-to address when creating a consignment for a drop shipment purchase order.
  • Previously charged costs and freight for whse shipments from locations with directed pick was registered as picked after the consignment was sent to LogTrade. This has been changed so that if the location requires bin code the bin code is set automatically on the whse shipment line that is inserted and the line is set as “Completely Picked” = TRUE. This way the whse shipment line can be posted even though no pick has been registered for the cost/freight cost. The bin that is set on the line is based on a search for a bin within the same location and zone as the whse shipment where there is enough inventory of the cost item. If no such bin is found the user is notified that the pick needs to be created and posted manually after the inventory has been increased in a bin within the zone.
  • Duplicate Package ID’s could be created if Get Status in the Consignment Worksheet took very long time to run. This has been resolved by locking some tables during the Get Status process.
  • The command to copy source document lines to free texts has been moved to the page with free texts in order to clean up the GUI of the consignment.
  • Consignment Costs and Dangerous Goods were editable when the Consignment was in status Prepared.
  • Inventory Pick No. and Warehouse Shipment No. was not set in Pallet when choosing Consignment No.
  • Domestic Country Code are now fetched from the Company Information during setup
  • Empty parameter values in SMS resulted in e.g. %1 on the SMS text line.
  • There could be an error when setting up text parameters for SMS.
  • If codeunit 12057533 was declared as a global variable in a page from which consignments was created, it was only possible to create one (1) consignment without reopening the page before the next was created.
  • The codeunit “LogTrade Event Subscriber” in NAV2016 has been split into two codeunits; One for base version and one for Adv. Mgmt.
  • There was an error if an error message from LogTrade was longer then 250 characters.
  • Maintenance of “No. of EUR Pallets” on consignment header based on Package Type Shortcut settings was not correct in all situations.
  • Conversion of Price Quote with foreign currency to local currency did not respect the rounding precision on the currency (or in G/L Setup for LCY).
  • Validations and updates of settings when changing Shipping Agent/Service Code on Forwarders/Products.
  • Flowfields on service for released consignment did not show any values.
  • Items with type = Service are now supported for freight and costs as long as there’s no Inv. Pick or Warehouse Shipment involved.
  • A failed price query left the Consignment with Send Action = Validate.
  • It was not possible to use “Do not use with EUR Pallet Customer No.” on Costs if the Item had a Unit Price.
  • It was not possible to set default payer for return orders. The Default Payer table now allows blank values (similar to many other setup tables).
  • The warning for old delivery date is no longer shown when changing between shipping agents/-service codes with different delivery days.
  • of relations is now displayed on the Service Shortcuts
  • A new function in Terms of Delivery Setup that suggests new settings based on combinations of Shipping Agent Service Code, Shipment Methods and Delivery Terms (also available in the wizard).

More news about Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Version 27.30

Bug fixes/changes:

  • Dangerous goods lines were not created for a split consignment when the linked split consignments had dangerous goods.
  • It was not possible to create a customs invoice where the relation between sender and delivery was not customs liable but the relation between pickup and delivery were.

Version 27.29

Version 27.28 (released 2021-08-26)

Version 27.27 (released 2021-06-16)

Version 27.26 (released 2021-03-01)

• Unit Price on Customs Invoice Line are rounded with three decimals.