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Version 27.06 (released 2017-10-11)

Release Notes for NAV2017:
  • If the extension for changes in standard objects are already installed, you must first uninstall and unpublish the extension. Then delete codeunit 12057588since that codeunit has been moved into the extension. Otherwise you’ll get an error when publishing the extension. After importing the fob (or installing the LTC extension) you can publish and install the extension with changed standard objects again.
  • The LTC2017 extension now also contains the standard objects, so it’s a complete set of objects. The LTC2017 STD objects extension can therefore only be used together with the rest of LTC installed as objects.
New functionality:
  • A new table “LogTrade Web Shop Instruction” that can be populated from a web shop integration with order specific values such as mobile phone no. reference, gate code etc., which the consignment will pick up when the source document number is validated. This table means that LogTrade Connect supports the new LogTrade Checkout functionality.
  • The extension for standard objects in NAV2017 now includes new fields on sales order and sales return order (Package Type Shortcut Code, No of Packages, Gross Weight, Volume and Load Meters). If Package Type Shortcut has been specified these fields are used to automatically create a consignment line. There’s also a new action in to create and print a consignment. This means that printing labels from a sales order is now only one click away.
Bug fixes/changes:
  • It was not possible to import address setup where Forwarder Customer Number Source was “Freight Payer”.
  • It was not possible to import notification rules.
  • Menu items for sales return order list was on the wrong page object in the extension for standard objects in NAV2017.
  • It was not possible to use Boolean fields in Custom Field Mappings.
  • Manually deleting released or archived consignments could cause errors with duplicate package ID’s
  • Manual change of Price Quote is no longer allowed is Automatic Price Quote = TRUE in the setup.
  • Manual change of Price Quote now updates source document depending on the setup for that.
  • The LogTrade Connect Role Center has been slightly changed.
  • Price Quote from a source document now use Quantity from source document lines instead of e.g. qty. to ship. This makes price quote work also in locations setup for warehouse ship/receipt.

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Version 27.30

Bug fixes/changes:

  • Dangerous goods lines were not created for a split consignment when the linked split consignments had dangerous goods.
  • It was not possible to create a customs invoice where the relation between sender and delivery was not customs liable but the relation between pickup and delivery were.

Version 27.29

Version 27.28 (released 2021-08-26)

Version 27.27 (released 2021-06-16)

Version 27.26 (released 2021-03-01)

• Unit Price on Customs Invoice Line are rounded with three decimals.